Established in 2010, we are an event company dedicated to help the organization communicate with their audience online with the help of collaborative media solutions.
We started as a back-end service provider to the various technology companies and gradually established our self in the market with our own brand. Right, from inception we worked on cutting edge robust technology which helped our partner deliver innovative solutions to their client.

Key Solutions

Flash Media Webinar Platform: We were one of the early movers to start live webinar solution in flash media format when none of the Indian counterparts were able to deliver webinar in flash format.
HTML5 Mobile Streaming: Event today we see the only a couple of companies provide webinar platform for mobility devices but, we started off delivering a webinar on mobile in 2013 when none of the players had robust solution to deliver events on mobility devices.


The client relies on us for all their technical requirements right from website development to application development and Live Streaming across platforms. Our team is well experienced to manage complete event management for any kind of high profile events. In terms of delivery, our CDN infrastructure helps the client reach their target audience with minimal lag time. Our team has rich experience in the industry right from application development to event management. The solutions we develop are capable of working on almost all platforms to engage the audience.


  • High Definition Streaming

    HD video is the future of Live Streaming. With the help of HD format, clients can achieve the best quality of video in a lower bitrate. Our solutions are fully equipped with HD format to deliver good output.

  • Live Intranet Streaming

    Streaming can be done on intranet network as well where the data rema ins at client place. All the options available for Internet streaming is possible with Intranet servers as well. We recommend consulting us prior to finalizing on any options as it requires examining corporate network

  • Live Internet Streaming

    Live streaming can be done in multiple ways depending on client’s requirements. a. Live Audio / Video Streaming on the Internet: For corporate functions and ceremonies where there is no need of presentation sharing, we recommend clients to do the plain video streaming in flash format which can support compatible mobile phones as well.
    c. Secure Streaming: For events where it is necessary to provide access only to selected participants, we offer secure (password protected) log-in which helps a client to secure content and message only to selected participants.

  • Live Streaming along with Presentation sharing and Chat options

    For Events and Seminars where it is necessary to share presentation and take feedback and questions from viewers, we recommend doing live streaming in Flash format as it is compatible to share a presentation in JPEG format which is always in sync with the video. Chat/feedback option is always there to take responses from viewers. We can disable this option depending on client’s requirement.

  • Live Webinar

    Live Webinar platform help’s client to conduct their own event using their Laptop / Desktop with integrated webcam for frequent internal events.

  • Video Conference Solutions

    We have rich industry experience in executing Video Conference across locations in India and abroad. Be it for training or connecting far end speakers for your Live Event, we help you with connecting various locations via Video Conference.

  • Multimedia CD Presentation

    There are lots of content which are repeatedly required and it is not always necessary to stream the same message repeatedly. For example induction material for a newly joined employee, training presentations or a corporate message which is required for future reference. For such scenarios, we help a client with creating CDs which can be distributed among the target audience.

  • Online Polling

    Our Online polling module helps client to conduct virtual polls. It may or may not be a part of the webcast. This module helps client engage with their on-ground and online audience.

  • Voting Pads

    Few events need real voting pads to engage the audience. We provide voting pads on rent for your event.

  • Portal Development

    We also help the client to develop a dynamic portal to engage the online audience. Be it event related to an online library of required materials, our team is capable of developing website and portal according to the requirement.

  • Facebook Streaming

    Brands nowadays want to connect with their followers on Facebook. A live video can’t beat anything. Live video streaming on Brand’s Facebook page add to the audience watching the event.

  • YouTube Streaming

    Similar to Facebook Brands are required to engage with their subscribers on YouTube. We could help you stream your event live on your YouTube Page.

  • Twitter Streaming

    Periscope is an App bought by Twitter to stream live videos of the event on Brand’s Twitter page. We could help you stream live video on your Twitter page using Periscope app.

  • Application Development

    Our team of dynamic developers could help you with application development for mobility devices. Be it a requirement for and event or a permanent application to engage with your audience, we could develop complete solutions for your requirement.

  • Video Production

    Few events don't require video streaming but need a professional recording for future viewing purpose. Our Production team could help you with professional recording at your premise or our Studios.

  • Video On Demand

    One Live event is done, it is important to generate a library of events done in the past to generate viewer’s interest. Video on Demand service helps you to generate online library of past events to engage your online audience.

  • Event Management

    Our professional execution team could engage with a venue and help you with complete event management solution. We have a tie-up with best vendors to help you execute your event anywhere across the country. Be it setting up Stage or Technical requirement of Audio, Video or Lights, we could deliver professional event.